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UrbanTile Window Blind Concept

Each and every day, the sun showers our cities in solar energy. Every night, our cities emit light so bright that they can be seen from space. An industrial designer from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel, has designed a concept device called the UrbanTile that would harness the solar energy city buildings absorb during the day for their lighting needs at night. The UrbanTile is a small solar panel that can be flipped to reveal a light emitting screen. Banded together into rows, the panels become a window blind that forms a light and entertainment display.

The panels would made from aluminum and stainless steel with an OLED screen on one side and a photovoltaic panel on the other. Incorporating electrical motors to move them, they could be programmed to turn automatically at different times of the day. Designed to be mounted into windows, the panels could be turned to rest at various angles allowing light in during the day whilst absorbing solar energy. In the evening, the OLED screens would be turned to face indoors to light up rooms and also provide a bank of screens for media playback. At night…

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How Does Solar Impact Home Value?

Let’s be honest – in our current economic climate, undertaking extensive home renovation projects is probably not on the top of your list.  Consider holding the new fireplace or the underground swimming pool project for another year in favor of one home improvement that will not only drastically increase your property value, but also help you sell your home faster:

Installing Solar Panels.Why does solar increase your home value?

Imagine that your electricity was going to get more expensive and your utility would raise its rates at any given time. Imagine that national demand for that expensive electricity was going to keep growing, and had already grown 25% since 1990.  Finally, imagine that generating this traditional, expensive electricity was creating pollution and hurting the environment.

You’re not imagining. The above are all realities that explain why solar homes sell faster, and for more money. According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, a solar home will sell twice as quickly as a home without solar.

SunRun recently published a report on the impact of solar panels on home value. Here are the take-home points:

Homes with lower electricity bills sell fasterEnergy saving improvements increase potential resale value of propertyValue of solar system increase over time, as electricity prices increaseHaving home solar can be easy with third-party ownership, e.g. SunRun’s solar service modelSolar panels have location and timing advantages since your home’s electricity is produce on-site & production peaks when demand is highest (middle of the day).Want to learn more? Check out SunRun’s Solar Home Value Report for more in-depth analysis and statistics.

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